About Table Linen Sizes

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If you’re wondering what size table cloth you need, you’re not alone!  Here are some guidelines:

If your square or round table seats 4 (one on each side), you probably need a 58-60″ square table cloth. (You may be able to use a smaller cloth, though—-42-44″ square—-placed diagonally. The points will hang down and there may be some bare table showing, but that can look charming.) If the table seats 6 (2 on each side and one at each end), you need a 90″ cloth. For 8 (3 on each side and one at each end), 108″.  For 10, 120″.  For 12, 144″.  Larger than that, you’ll need to use multiple cloths and overlap them on the table, camouflaging with a centerpiece.

WHAT IF THE TABLE HAS LEAVES? There are two options: One is to buy a cloth based on the table length you use most often.  The other is to buy the cloth or runner that fits your table at its longest, and fold it under at one end when the table is shorter.

WHAT ABOUT A ROUND OR OVAL TABLE? Round or oval cloths can be hard to find.  A square or rectangular cloth can work; many people find the points hanging lower at the “corners” quite charming.

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